Home Sweet Home

We were able to bring Patrick home again yesterday afternoon. My apologizies that it comes as such a surprise. Patrick’s surgeon was out until last Thursday, and we didn’t see him till Friday. The other surgeons led us to believe that we’d need to stay in the hospital until Patrick no longer needed his stomach drained to compensate for his too narrow large intestine.

When Dr. Rollins, the surgeon, came in on Friday he said he’d like to get us out of the hospital as soon as possible. However, weekend discharges are difficult and don’t often happen.

Dr. Rollins called Patrick’s GI, Dr. Jackson, in to give his recommendations and, well, Dr. Jackson always wants us home whenever possible. Despite all these recent infections, Patrick has a pretty good track record of staying healthy at home. So Dr. Jackson always prefers that he be here, especially with RSV and flu season upon us.

And so, much to everyone’s surprise, including ours, we brought Patrick home yesterday.

He is on erethromycin (don’t know that’s spelled right), which causes the stomach to contract… the idea is that it will help improve motility through the intestines. And he has a g-tube extension attached to the button in his stomach. This gives his stomach a sort of release valve for when his stomach contents build up too much. We put it to drain periodically throughout the day, though the goal is to keep that at a minimum.

So – my care of Patrick has changed, but is still very time intensive. And as he gets better and has more diapers to change and is allowed to eat, I expect to get even busier.

He’s doing great! It’s amazing to me to see him willing to play on his stomach now that the ostomy is gone. He’s also become quite good at sitting. It will be different to experience this new level of activity here at home.

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