Patrick’s First Date

On Monday, Patrick had his first date… play date that is. My good friend Lindy was here visiting from Seattle with her daughter, Lauren. We decided it was a great excuse for Brian to take a day off and for us to finally go to the zoo.

It was a wonderful day! We started out at lunch where Patrick and Lauren sat in high chairs (this was Patrick’s first time) and played with spoons and straws and napkins. Then we went and picked up the zoo pass.

It was beautiful weather. It seemed like every stay at home mom in the valley had decided to get out to enjoy it. I’m sure it helped that there’s an adorable baby elephant, a baby giraffe, and a baby monkey, to name just a few of the new arrivals at the zoo this season.

Lauren was totally into the animals. Patrick was more interested in the enclosures. (The glass, hand rails, etc.) But they both enjoyed the day…

… even if Patrick was worn out by the end.

Patrick and Lauren really seemed to have hit it off. This is good news, as Lindy is the only person I know well in Seattle and Patrick and Lauren will probably get more than their fair share of each other as we go through this transplant journey.

I think this picture says it all. Yes, they held hands in the car, by the waterfall, and at dinner. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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