A poem for Patrick

I’m working on a short gut syndrome support group website in my spare time here at the hospital. After a lot of pondering, I’ve chosen for the logo a worn out teddy bear. This morning, the words to this poem just kind of popped into my head to express why.


My teddy’s my best friend, without a doubt

His side is stitched up and some stuffing’s come out.

He’s missing a button and some fur on his tail

But those things don’t matter, I love him so well.


He’s faithful. He’s happy. He helps dry my tears.

He patiently bears being hung by his ears.

He’s rough round the edges, but deep down he’s great.

I can’t help but love him, with all of his scrapes.


Like I love my teddy, my mommy loves me

For all that I am, and for all I can be.

I may be beat up, even missing some parts

But I know she still loves me with all of her heart.

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