Transplant Day 15 – Another quiet day

Not a ton to report today.

The surgeon that performed the transplant is the attending this week.  During rounds she was excited to see how well he is doing, and she emphasized to the team that it was their job to keep him from getting sick, in other words don’t even think about coming to work sick, and make sure not to bring him bugs from other kiddos.  Life is going to be different post transplant, lots of masks, hand washing, and generally avoiding people (not that we don’t love you).

Patrick had his staples removed today.  He was of the opinion that they needed to stay.  I guess that illustrates that he doesn’t really understand what is going on.  Because they were going to remove his staples they gave him something to calm him down.  The only problem is that it made him fairly emotional, which made for an interesting afternoon.  Anyway the nurse practitioner removed 30 staples.

We received a few visits starting to teach us about what it is going to be like with Patrick outside the hospital.  One of the visits was from the pharmacists who went over all the meds that Patrick gets to take for the rest of his life (and some for only a year).  Some of those meds are going to be pricey, I thought to myself that is why we have  COTA and did the fundraising (thanks everyone for your support).  We need to get a lot of things figured out so when the time comes to be discharged we will be ready.  Discharged meaning to the good ol’ Ronald McDonald house.

My parents arrived tonight.  It is a long drive from Utah to Omaha.  They did what I did last week and stop at my brothers half way.  Sounds like they are going to start the voyage back tomorrow.  It is nice to have them here, tomorrow will be nice to have a few familiar faces even if it was for a short while.  However with snow in the forecast here for tomorrow I hope they have a safe drive.

Here are a few pics from today:


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