Transplant Day 14 and Daddy’s back

I think our biggest news of the day is that Brian got back from his short trip. Patrick and I were so glad to see him that I’m afraid we didn’t let him do anything else.. Just play with or cuddle Patrick. Patrick was so happy to see him.

Otherwise, just continued forward progress on the same milestones. Increased feeds. Walked a little farther with a little less support. Sat up a lot more with a lot less pain. Decreased pain medicines.

I shopped for home health companies today. I guess it’s kind of uncommon for the patient to call up and say “I want to make sure you can get me the following supplies.” Usually, setting up home healthcare is something the hospital just takes care of for you. But I wanted to be sure that we would have access to all the things that make Patrick’s life better. I think we found a good fit. Just one more tiny step towards our next goal.

Tonight was movie night in the hospital. The literally put out a red carpet. Then, they set up a conference room to look like a movie theater, complete with boxed candies, popcorn, pretzels and pop. Patrick has only been to a movie in a theater once. I wasn’t sure how this would go.. But thankfully the movie was Planes Fire & Rescue, which had that “I love cars” appeal. He did a lot better than I expected. Guess he’s 1)growing up and 2) not feeling great so screen time has a greater appeal.

I was talking with another family yesterday. We decided that adults could learn a lot from the way that kids do illness. I mean, imagine if you had to go to the hospital. Would you prefer to just sit in your drab hospital room reading? Or would you prefer to have a room all decorated in bright fun things, to have someone bring you your favorite hobbies every day, and to have a low-key party once a day? Wouldn’t you find getting better easier that way? Kids know what they’re doing. We grown-ups are the ones getting it wrong.

Another milestone: Patrick willingly went to sleep in his bed while I laid in the parent bed across the room. He is feeling more at home here.

2 weeks ago tonight our transplant team was looking at a transplant offer deciding if it was time to call and wake us up and tell us to come. Patrick is doing so well for just 2 weeks in.



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