Transplant Day 16 – Something brewing?

I suppose it is my (Brian) turn again to blog tonight.  I left the hospital to come back to the Ronald McDonald House to get some laundry done about 8:15.  When I left both Emily and Patrick were asleep.  They needed it.

It snowed today.  Snowed most of the day, kinda made things feel a little like home.

A patient with Ebola arrived at the medical center this afternoon.  Not that I saw him, or will really see or hear anything different.  But it is strange knowing that the floor above where Patricks room is is the temporary home to a man that has an illness that is so feared.  I must say that it doesn’t overly concern me.

My parents were still in Omaha for the morning.  They came and visited Patrick, and when it was nap time, I took them to see the Ronald McDonald House.  We also went over to the Winter Quarters Temple which is here in Omaha.  The visitors center was busily preparing for a gingerbread house festival that will start next week.  There were a few gingerbread houses already on display.  We’ll probably go back and check it out.  My parents left this afternoon, they were trying to get about 4 hours towards home (North Platte, NE), they only made it about 2 hours from here (Grand Island, NE), and decided it was wise to stop.  The snow was supposed to let up this afternoon, but that didn’t happen.

Patrick spent most of the day running an almost fever – 99.6ish.  The docs commented that his white blood count is trending up.  He was also a little moody and tired today.  Seems like he might be getting sick.  What does that mean?  We don’t know yet, if he does get sick chances are he will get really sick as his immune system is pretty much wiped out at this point.  We’ll see where that takes us, and we’ll see if it turns into a real illness.  Stay tuned.

Despite being tired Patrick was still up and about today.  He walked to the play room this morning, and than back to his wagon, then to bed.  This afternoon he walked to his wagon, then to the play room, and then back to his wagon, and then to bed.  It is good to get him up and moving.

This weekend is “National Donor Sabbath” the intent is to educate others about organ donation.  I figured I would put in my two cents about the subject.  Obviously we are hugely grateful for someones choice to be a donor.  I’m registered for both organ donation as well as bone marrow match.  I encourage you all to think about becoming a donor and let others know about your choice.  Obviously that is an incredibly personal decision, please consider it if you haven’t.  For more information on National Donor Sabbath checkout

Have a good Sunday tomorrow.

Sorry we didn’t take a ton of pics today.

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