Patrick was 4 for Halloween

I hate catchup posts. I hate that I’ve let this blog fall behind. And yet, I am woefully behind and have some big things coming up I want to write about as they happen.. So, get ready for the week of catchup posts. Today’s topic? Halloween and birthday.IMG_3463

Somehow in our morning talks about upcoming events, Patrick figured out that his birthday and Halloween were the same thing. And so, for at least a month, whenever you asked him what he was going to be for Halloween, he answered 4.

So, after some consideration, we finally figured out how to make that costume happen and had a friend who is a much better seamstress than me make him a “Super 4” costume.

One of the great things about it was that it was comfortable enough for him to willingly wear all day. He had school that morning and I wanted him to be in a costume he’d be happy to keep on.. And, other than the cape that bothered his neck, he willingly wore it all day long.

I found some bendy, stretchy tubes at Toys R Us that Patrick’s therapist had been nuts over and so I got several and sent those with Patrick to school. The teachers were nuts over them, too. As were the kids. I guess they’re a favorite therapy toy there, too and the kids were thrilled to each have their own.


We got him up early for presents so he could be on time for school. This year, we got him some big noisy lights-and-sound trucks. Patrick’s big time into fire trucks and police cars. And then, because Daddy has been taking ice skating lessons and Patrick had taken an interest, Patrick got a pair of toddler roller skates. You know, the kind that you can lock the wheels on. He wore them around the house for most of a week and after the first couple of days, even learned not to fall down wearing them.

(As we’ve had a rather icy winter, it’s been neat to see him consciously transfer this skill. I just remind him to walk like he’s on skates, and all of a sudden, my clumsy, impulsive boy slows down and stops slipping and sliding.)


Rather than spending a lot of time trick or treating for candy that Patrick can’t eat and could potentially have a life-threatening allergic reaction to.. we decided to let Patrick help hand out treats this year.

Instead of candy, I got a bunch of toy airplane kits for about the same price. Patrick handed out a few, then went with daddy for a walk to visit some neighbors, trick or treat a bit, and show off his costume. Then he came home, we ran out of treats, and tucked him into bed.

I am astounded at how far Patrick has come in these 4 years. He was so tiny and fragile when we met him. We wondered often if he’d hold onto life for very long. But Patrick isn’t just hanging onto life.. He is living and celebrating it each day. We have been blessed by quiet normalcy in this past year. And we have watched Patrick grow into an amazing, rough-and-tumble, thrill-seeking, heart-winning little boy. Instead of being tiny and light, he’s solid as can be and a force that can’t be stopped.


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