Petting Zoo and Halloween Witches

I’ve been seeing ads for weeks about a petting zoo open for the month of October at a shopping district called Gardiner Village. I finally decided that if we didn’t get to it soon, the chance would pass.


Tuesday were $2 days. So I texted Brian’s sister to see if she and Patrick’s cousin would like to join us.


With a bag of feed, the animals were more than happy to see us. This goat was especially hungry today. Another, smaller goat, preferred the idea of munching on Patrick’s TPN tubes and I had to keep a close eye out.


The alpaca was a favorite of Patrick’s. When he first climbed on, she got excited and ran away. So the keeper had her sit down, Patrick climbed on and hugged and hugged her.


That was such a success that I decided we had to splurge the extra $2 for a pony ride. (Especially since the ponies weren’t tied to a wheel, but went for walks through the village instead.)


Patrick’s pony was named Silver. Hi ho silver, away!


For Patrick, though, the best part of the day was holding a rabbit. This little sweetheart of a bunny was SO tame! Patrick fell in love immediately and squeezed her so tight I had to keep reminding him to loosen his grip. He asked me if he could keep her. He asked if he could take her home. Too bad Brian is allergic.. and I can barely keep houseplant alive while caring for Patrick, let alone one more pet.

But Max isn’t soft and cuddly and he certainly doesn’t let Patrick hold and cuddle him.

So, all afternoon and evening, Patrick talked about “hold rab-rab”. He even prayed about it.


Patrick’s cousin was nervous about touching the animals. Thankfully, though, there was a whole “village” to explore.


They loved finding and “counting” the pumpkins.


Patrick found the witches fascinating. His cousin wasn’t 100% certain they weren’t real.


But they both had a pretty fun morning. It was a great kickoff to our Halloween/Birthday celebrations.

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