A bouncy birthday party

When you have a child who just wants to bounce and crash, what do you do to celebrate his birthday? You rent a bounce house!

Actually, I really tried to talk myself into a smaller celebration this year but with Patrick’s future as unpredictable as it is, I wasn’t sure we’d find another chance. So, when I found a couple renting the awesome, super big bounce house with slide, we just decided to go for it.


Patrick eventually warmed up to it and loved the bounce house, but at first the blowers were just TOO loud.


Everyone had fun playing in the bounce house. Even the grown-ups. Though I tried to go down the slide headfirst and nearly gave myself a concussion.


Again, we did a hatbox cake. I took Patrick to the craft store and he picked out some Cars die cuts to decorate the cake with. We filled it with party favors.


We served glazed doughnuts instead of cake. The bakery even make Patrick a couple allergy-safe unglazed ones. But alas, his belly felt sick that day and so he didn’t eat.


We kept the party small as far as guests go, but Patrick did have a favorite friend there. There is a little boy who goes to school with Patrick who has a very severe degenerative brain disease. He doesn’t have much control of his body and doesn’t walk, talk, or play like other kids his age can. And yet, he has totally won Patrick’s heart. When I asked Patrick’s teacher which classmates should be invited to the party, this boy was an easy answer. Patrick thinks he is the best friend a boy could have. Funny how these special little children steal our hearts. We were thrilled that he and his mom and sister could join us.


Patrick had fun opening presents and his guests enjoyed their “bounce” themed gift bags as well.

Simple and a little too extravagant all at once. And a wonderful way to celebrate a miraculous little 4 year old.

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