Home Sweet Home

This post is a bit late in coming but it’s about time that I posted the news that we were able to bring Patrick home with us on December 9th.

Things moved a bit quicker than we’d expected they would. With Patrick’s broviac line in place and his infection cleared, there were no medical reasons left to keep him in the hospital. They made the decision on a Friday afternoon to release him early the next week. We hurriedly trained that weekend to be able to take care of him and the hospital staff worked to make arrangements for home health care.

We got home around 5 p.m. on December 9th. It was so strange to be able to pick Patrick up and walk away from the bed, let alone to carry him around our home.

We’ve been home for almost 2 weeks now. Patrick’s sleeping pretty well at night,thankfully, and we’re starting to get a routine. Of course, after so much time away and with Christmas fast approaching, we’ve been swamped so we’re stretched a bit thin and aren’t getting as much napping time as we’d like… But it is so good to be home.

Patrick seems to be enjoying the quieter atmosphere. He definitely likes his new toys and all the friends and family who’ve been visiting. He’s doing very well and growing at a very good rate. Today’s weight was 6 lbs 14 oz.

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