Broviac Line

I wrote earlier that Patrick was going to have a broviac line placed after his infection had cleared. However, since he has tiny, tiny veins it’s really hard to get a peripheral IV into him and equally hard to keep him there.

Because he doesn’t have enough of his bowel to be able to absorb nutrition or medicine that he takes orally, Patrick depends on an IV to give him the nutrition that he needs. Also, as he’s recovering from this most recent infection, he needs IV antibiotics.

When I arrived at the hospital this morning, they told me that they’d be placing his Broviac line today instead of waiting a week. He’s been stuck just so many times trying to place an IV that they were running out of places to look – and he was running out of patience for it. He went to surgery this morning to have the line placed. It goes in through a vein by his neck and is “tunneled” under his skin. A catheter, or IV tube, comes out of his chest. This is a more durable IV line that should last him several months. In fact, one requirement to take him home was to have this more durable line put in.

Patrick went into surgery a little before noon today and was in recovery by 12:15 p.m. So far he’s been sleeping quite peacefully. We expect a quick and easy recovery. As soon as he’s awake, he should be able to go back to his normal routine.

If you’d like to know anything more about the line, this link will take you to the info sheet that Primary Children’s Hospital gave to me.

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