Patrick’s First Christmas

Although this picture may not reveal it, Patrick had a very nice first Christmas. It almost came and went, we’ve been so busy. It was a definite feat to get Christmas letters out (sorry to those of you who are still waiting), goodies made (again, sorry if you haven’t gotten yours yet), the tree up (only took a week of intermittent effort) and presents bought and wrapped.

But the most important elements of Christmas were still there. Brian and I had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and Patrick played in his bouncy seat nearby and enjoyed his feast of 14 mL’s of formula. We opened our Christmas Eve pajamas (another family tradition), and Patrick loved his so much that he slept his best night yet in his. We decided it was probably the last year we could get away with sneakily opening our other presents on Christmas Eve (this is a remnant of being the kidless ones who travel around to family on Christmas Day)… so we opened all our presents before going to bed. All in all, considering everything that’s happened in the past month, it was still a very nice Christmas. I can’t wait to find he time to dig into the books that Howie bought me.

Patrick’s had presents rolling in all week, so we only wrapped him one for Christmas… a gloworm that he loved so much when we found it in the store that we had to buy it. But he was definitely spoiled by friends and family… and we were able to finally just about finish getting his nursery furniture, appliances (yes, he has his own fridge), and decorations together.

We spent the afternoon and evening… and actually all weekend… visiting with family. Everyone loves holding Patrick so much that I have a hard time keeping track of it so that it’s fair for everyone. It was fun to be able to share him with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

We’re hoping for one more miracle this Christmas and will post details about it as soon as we know if our wish comes true.

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