Magic Kingdom Round 2 (Wish Trip Day 6)

Today we had one last day at Disney, we talked to Patrick about what he wanted to do.  He could have gone to Animal Kingdom, or he could go back to Magic Kingdom and do what we did on Monday.  He chose Magic Kingdom, so that is where we went.

When we finished with breakfast, Patrick was already asking for a nap.  But we headed to the park.  We went directly to “Be Our Guest” which is a new Beauty and the Beast restaurant, which has reservations booked months out.  We just asked if there had been any cancellations, the cast member said no, but then her eyes caught the magic badge, and she sent us directly back.  When we got to the gate the cast member looked at us like we were crazy, so went back to the front and said we weren’t ready for dinner at 9:45 AM, she asked when we would like to come back, I said any time after 11.  She handed us a paper with 11 o’clock written on it.

We did a few of the rides Patrick loves, we also tried the Seven Dwarves roller coaster.  Patrick loves roller coasters, the Seven Dwarves was no different.

We headed back to the restaurant and got there a few minutes early.  People were milling around saying that they were 2 minutes early so they needed to wait.  I was afraid that we would be doing the same.  But we caught the cast members eye, and she told us to go in.  This was a different restaurant, you order at kiosks and they give you a “rose” (think Beauty and the Beast).  You go find a seat, and grab your drinks.  A while later the food magically appears on carts.  The food was good.

We told Patrick he could ride a few more rides, and then he needed to rest.  He happily rode a few more favorites.  We gambled that the rain would hold off enough for us to run back to our villa and get Patrick some rest.

Patrick and Emily took a nap, I started to look at email I have been ignoring all week (not much on the work side).

We woke Patrick and asked if he wanted to go ride some more rides, which of course he did.  So we headed back to the park.

We did a few more favorites, and then headed towards Big Thunder Mountain.  And of course it started raining.  We detoured to “It’s a small world” which isn’t as magical in Disney World as it is in Disneyland.  When we got off the ride, the rain had mostly stopped.  So we kept going towards Big Thunder Mountain.  For those of you who aren’t Disney followers, Big Thunder Mountain is a big people roller coaster.  Patrick has been tall enough for a bit, but we hadn’t dared take him on it, but his love for roller coasters made us think he is ready.

We go onto Big Thunder Mountain and Patrick didn’t look super excited to be there.  We got off and he asked to do it again.  We told him not quite yet, so we headed to the Seven Dwarves ride again.  When we got off that, he asked for the “big” coaster.  So we walked all the way back to Big Thunder Mountain.  This time around he giggled the rest of the ride.

We had about an hour left, so Patrick named the rides he wanted to go on, the first of which being on the far side of the park, but that is ok.

We finished off the day doing what Patrick wanted.  Which in our opinion is how it should be.

Tonight is the last night at Give Kids The World.  I’m kinda sad to see it go.  Tomorrow we will pack everything up, and go to Sea World.  We will then go and spend a few days at my Aunt and Uncles north of Orlando.  I’ll try to get another blog or two done while we are there.

Here are some pictures:


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