Epcot / Hollywood Studios (Wish Trip Day 5)

(Before I start my brain has reached mush state.  I apologize for the rambliness and or typos that will be in this blog, I mean more than normal.)

Today we had lunch reservations at an Italian restaurant in Epcot, so that kinda framed our day for us.  Patrick had yet another rough night, he doesn’t ever sleep great when away from home, but the last two nights have been short on sleep.

We got up and got ready.  My cousin was going to come and hang out with us for a while today, which meant that we needed to get out the door at the correct time.  We were running behind schedule but so was she, so it all worked out.

We got to Epcot and parked right up front and wandered into the park, it was nothing like getting into the Magic Kingdom on Monday.  We started out with the Nemo ride, when we finished we met my cousin and her two youngest kiddos.  We wandered around the aquarium a bit.  Patrick was seeking sensory input so bad that he couldn’t stand still.  So we headed for another ride.  We ended up on a ride about the five senses, and what imagination can do to them, it was a fun ride.  Patrick wasn’t so thrilled about the beginning, but once the colors got bright he liked the ride.

When we got off it was time to head to the back of Epcot and go to lunch.  We got there right on time.  We were seated.  I was amazed that all the staff I saw were Italian.  At first I wondered if their name tags just had Italian places on it because it was in the Italian portion of Epcot, but they all spoke Italian to each other.  When Emily ordered her dish, the pronounced it correctly, and that caught the waitresses attention, she asked how come she could pronounce it so well, and we admitted that we speak Italian.  She switched over to Italian, which was kinda fun.  Been a long time since I spoke about food though, I’m a bit rusty.  The food was good, I haven’t a real arancino in a long time, these were small ones, but they were good.  Patrick did ok, for the mood he was in.  The chef came out and talked to us, and made sure that Patrick’s allergies were avoided, too bad he didn’t eat any of it.

When we finished there we wandered a bit more.  Patrick was asking for rides.  We decided to give the “Test Track” ride a go.  The ride was ok, took a long time to get to the ride part.  You start out by designing a concept car, which he enjoyed.  Then you get pushed out into another line that didn’t ever seem to move.  Patrick was doing anything he could for his sensory needs, which made him very naughty.  At the end of the line were cars on a track (think Radiator Springs Racers in California Adventure), the cars go through testing, and then out onto the track which picked up speed, Patrick liked that part.

When we finished we decided that it was time to head to a different park after consulting with my cousin, we decided we would head over to Hollywood Studios.

We got there and it seemed pretty crowded.  We hopped on Midway Mania (Toy Story shootem up ride), which Patrick likes, but the lines are always long.  Our magic pass helped a bit wit that one.

When we got off it was tubes off time, so we took another break, and took off Patrick’s tubes.  My cousing pointed out that we weren’t too far from where Lightning McQueen and Mater are.  So we stopped in and met them.  Patrick enjoyed meeting them.  Next to them were Phineas and Ferb (my favorites), so we stopped in to meet them.  We used the magic pass to meet them because the line was long.  Phineas spotted us waiting, and pointed his handler at us, which made smile.  The handler came to us and told us that they were going to take a break, but we would be next, and had us stand in the shade (thanks nice handler, it was a hot day).  When they came back out they came right to us, and got hugs from all the kids, it was a great encounter.

We thought that Patrick would enjoy a stunt car show – what car obsessed kid wouldn’t like that?  So we headed in and got great seats.  The show was a little too slow, and Patrick just wasn’t having it.  We decided that it was time to be done.  So we headed out, and said goodbye to my cousin.

We came back to our villa, and all took a rest.  Emily spent some time getting Patrick’s tubes (TPN) ready to go back on.  Tonight was Christmas at GKTW so we needed to be up and have dinner on time.  We woke Patrick and headed to dinner.

Patrick is really good at not eating anything until we are finished with our food, and then he started to nibble on things.  Tonight was no exception.  We finished our food, and he kept asking for mashed potatoes.  The beauty of GKTW is they prepare food in the most allergy friendly way possible.  Usually mashed potatoes have milk and butter in them, which are no-gos for Patrick.  But here they are safe.  Patrick nibbled on potatoes for 20-30 minutes.  Which put us a little behind schedule but that is ok.

We headed over to meet Santa.  The line was long.  We did all we could to entertain Patrick, but it took some doing.  Patrick met Santa, and then picked out a present.  A transformer, i’m not sure he would have picked that out before yesterday.

When we finished with Santa the Christmas party was almost over, so Patrick met some of the characters at the party, and it was over.

He decided to ride the carousel.  GKTW has a carousel, that runs all day long, and you can ride as many times as you want.  This time around Patrick rode twice.

I was in the mood for ice cream, so we headed over to the ice cream palace (also all you can eat, open 14 hours a day).  Emily noticed that they had popsicles at a party a few nights ago, so she decided to ask for one for Patrick, lucky enough they had some.  Patrick would say “take a picture of me eating the popsicle” and stick the popsicle in his mouth.  In my mind if that will get him to eat he can have as many pictures as he would like.

Today was a pretty good day.  Thanks to my cousin Leah for driving the 90 minutes each way to hang out with us, and sorry to make you wait so much.

Tomorrow the plan is to back to the Magic Kingdom for one last Disney day.  We might end up missing the Animal Kingdom park, but Patrick wants the rides in Magic Kingdom, so tomorrow we’ll make him happy.

We are almost at the end of this wishing week, we’ll be sad to leave GKTW.

Here are a few pictures from today – we didn’t take many:


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