Off to Orlando (Wish Trip Day 1)

Today we set out for Patrick’s wish trip.  We woke early.  Patrick was very excited.  When we got through security at the airport (always amazes me what security comes up with as the official policy – different every time – and we aren’t allowed to tell them what the policy is, even though we know it.) Patrick excitedly waited for our airplane to arrive at the gate.  Once it did, he watched all the bags come off, and all the happening around the plane.  Then we boarded the airplane.

The flight was fairly uneventful.  Patrick played, and kicked the seat in front of him, wanted to un-latch the tray table, and play with the video screen in front of him.  And when we tried to get him to nap – he screamed, and kicked.  This is normal behavior for flights.

When we arrived in Orlando we were met by a nice man named Bill, from Give Kids The World.  He helped us find our luggage, and then we sat down with him to get a brief orientation of how to get to Give Kids The World (GKTW), and what to expect when we got there.  He then helped us to our car, and made sure we departed safely.

When we arrived at GKTW we had a very personal checkin with yet more information.  They also presented Patrick with a stuffed Mickey, he immediately hugged him.

Emily and Patrick rode in a golf cart and I followed in our van to our villa.  Larry the GKTW volunteer showed us around our villa.  I have never seen a place that has a kids sized jetted bath tub, and yet the grown-ups have a shower.

We headed off to dinner – I was hungry and no-nap Patrick was running wild.  We had dinner at the Ginger Bread House (sponsored by Perkins) that was staffed by a bunch of very helpful volunteers.

I got done with dinner before Emily, so while she was having desert, we snuck over to the Carousel (free, and ride as many times as you want).  Patrick happily rode, when we finished Emily met us at the gates.  Mayor Clayton and Ms. Mary (they were married a while back by Mother Nature) were greeting guests, Patrick was excited to see them.

We hopped on a GKTW trolley, we dropped Emily and Patrick off at the Candy Land party, and I headed to orientation.

From what I hear Patrick had a great time at the party, he gathered a bunch of candy (which he probably shouldn’t eat), and a prize.

I got officially oriented on our tickets to Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World.  If anyone is like me and searching to find out if GKTW gives you disability access passes, the answer is yes.  We have everything we need to make our time at the attractions magical and wonderful.

When I arrived back at the villa, Patrick was ready for bed.  He is now asleep.  Tomorrow Mickey and some of his friends come to GKTW, and then we will go visit them at the Magic Kingdom.

Been a busy day, looking forward to fun tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures from todays adventures:

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