I have so much to tell you! – but it may be at a new domain

It’s been a crazy busy week with a line infection and hospitalization, results from our month of neuropsychology testing, a fun like a trip to the aquarium and a brand new tricycle.

But – I’m holding it all in for a few more days because it’s that time of year again where we decide if COTA should renew this website and, well, it came along at the same time when I had an itch to change blog platforms.

So bear with me and keep an eye out. We’ve already set up a new domain name ofwww.patrickhoopes.com and right now, if you go to that page, it’ll redirect you here. BUT in a few days here, maybe a couple of weeks at most I hope, you’ll see a new and updated website and this one will go away.

I’m putting my hubby to work finding a way to get the new blog to still e-mail you updates when I post. We are planning to move our subscriber list. I’ll do some research into RSS feeds. And I’ll try to post it all here in the next couple of days so you don’t lose us.

But write it down now, just in case the unexpected happens.

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