Thank you firefighters

I’m giving up on trying to catch up on the blog. The long and stort story of the past 2 months is that Patrick is out of school. He does not like playing home alone all by himself. And so, we are being Summer Explorers. Every day, we pick a theme. I have about 200 pinterest pages of different themed ideas to keep us busy. Some days it’s crafts. Some days it’s field trips. Sometimes books. And on and on.

Plus, we are seeing 3 therapists every other week, and doctors, and are going to weekly mommy and me exercise classes and story times at the library.. and I’ve signed up him for Kindermusik playdates. We are trying not to get bored.

We spent a week learning to explore, a week on things in the sky and another on things in the water. This week, we finally made it to earth and the topic yesterday was firemen.

So we baked cookies and made a thank you card to take to our local fire station. Then the TPN delivery was late and we ran out of time.


So we got up this morning to deliver them anyway. The firemen were so kind. (And their dog so little and fluffy and cute!) They gave Patrick hats and a pencil and a trick or treat bag just because. Then, because the fire truck was out, they gave him a tour of the ambulance. He thought it was big and scary, but very cool with LOTS of neat doors.

Thank you fire fighters.


Today, since yesterday spilled over, we are talking about jobs. We went to the grocery store and met a butcher and a baker.

And now naptime is over. So this post will be too.

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