Disneyland: the adventure before the adventure

I am typing this post by the glow of the starlit sky over the Disneyland castle that is built into my headboard…at the Disneyland hotel.

Yes, we decided Patrick was old enough and we had the means, and so we brought Patrick to Disneyland. (P.S. No, we did not Make a Wish. Yes, we know how cool Make a Wish and Disney can be. But we’re waiting till Patrick can speak his wish. And we could do this on our own this year, so we did.)

I could sit up and type all night about today and the events leading up to today, but I’m pretty tired, so I’m going to try to do it in the abbreviated timeline fashion. Here goes.

Sunday evening. Packed all but perishables and entertainment for our scheduled trip. Went to visit family and to pick up headphones at Brian’s work. While out, Patrick started moaning and squirming. For the first time ever, said “yes” when I asked him if he felt sick. Stopped to drain belly. He was burning up. Drove to the ER instead of home.

Sunday just after midnight. Admitted to the hospital with a suspected line infection. Borrowed hospital sweats, since my Sunday dress wasn’t a good nightgown. Went to sleep around 3 a.m. after a brand-spankin’-new intern finally finished taking our history.

Monday morning. Cancelled flights and postponed hotel reservations for Oley National Conference in Redondo Beach, CA. (Our practical excuse for an impractical trip.) Cried some. Told doctors we needed to make it to Disneyland. They said 48 hours of negative cultures and we could go.

Monday afternoon. Noticed Patrick’s glum mood was reflecting ours. Gathered up craft supplies and a balloon and decorated Patrick’s hospital room.

Monday in the middle of the night. Patrick’s nurse woke him and he couldn’t go back to sleep till 3 a.m. Cursed the doctor who refused to

Tuesday morning. Docs said that if cultures stayed negative till 11 p.m., we could go home.

Tuesday afternoon. Rebooked flight, car, hotel. Scheduled TPN supplies to be delivered. Hoped. Prayed.

Tuesday around 11:30 p.m. Got the go ahead to go home. Packed our room.

Wednesday just after midnight. Left the hospital. Drove home. Gave Patrick sleepy meds. Slept.

Wednesday, once the sun came up. Slept in. Went to the doctor to get antibiotics  for an infection I picked up in the hospital. Cleaned. Repacked.

Wednesday around 5, hopped on an airplane to Long Beach. Entertained a very sleepy Patrick.

Wednesday around 10, checked into our hotel. Unpacked. Gave Patrick meds. Cleaned up meds after he threw them up. Drew up new meds and gave them. Helped Patrick fall asleep.

Thursday, sometime between midnight and sunrise. Slept with an earphone to an alarm clock in my ear so I wouldn’t forget to check on Patrick. Drained his belly a bunch of times. (Dunno if he was sick as leftovers from hospital antibiotics or if he really had a virus as the docs suggested might explain the fever.

I promise, after this point, things got to be less eventful. Except for all of the excitement of an afternoon in the happiest place on earth. Hoping I can keep this feeling and these memories till tomorrow so I can write them down.

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