Easter 2012

With all the hospital stays, I’m a bit late posting about easter. Here’s our holiday in pictures.


What to you do for easter when your child is allergic to eggs? My sister-in-law had a good idea. You go to Color Me Mine and decorate ceramic ones.


Patrick had just been learning about painting at school, and so he took pretty well to the idea, though he was content to also paint the table and his chair and his clothes and my hand. Thank goodness this paint is washable until fired.


I was actually kind of happy with how the finished product came out. These are the eggs, ready to be fired. I did misunderstand their 50% discount day. They meant 50% off the entrance fee. I thought they meant the products, too. So this represents $30 worth of easter eggs. Oh well.


I couldn’t resist this suspender and tie set when I saw them come through at Kidsteals.com. I think Patrick was one of the handsomest kids at church. And he loves them! Won’t wear another tie because he always wants his suspenders.


We didn’t intend to buy a swingset for easter. However, when our plans to buy and put together a swingset on an earlier weekend were derailed by a trip to the hospital, we ended up ordering this one online instead.

Fedex accidentally delivered it to the house at the other end of our street. (Thank goodness for kind neighbors.) And then it took several days for Brian and I to get smart enough to build it correctly. (We must have taken that thing apart 5 times.)

But it was worth it. Patrick absolutely loves it and has played outside every sunny day since it came.


What do you get in your easter basket if you can’t have candy or eggs? Lots and lots of toys! Patrick spotted this orange truck when we were grocery shopping the week before Easter. It was quite a trick to sneak it to the checkstand while he threw a tantrum about my not buying it or him. Thank goodness for a cashier who was willing to play along.


We missed the easter egg hunt with Brian’s family because Patrick was sick. (Granny sent him an easter basket full of eggs with die cast cars in them, though, so he didn’t mind.) However, on Easter Sunday we joined my family for dinner and an egg hunt with cousins in the back yard. This picture is Patrick visiting with his aunt after the hunt.

Again, because sweets are no-no’s, I fill 4 dozen eggs with party favors and crackers for this hunt. My mom still brings candy, but we either trade that, feed it to mommy, or give it away.

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