The waiting game

It’s 10 minutes past midnight and I’m sitting up waiting for Patrick to fall asleep again after being woken for vitals just moments after finally drifting off to sleep. This was the 4th nurse we’ve had in 12 hours.. That’s right, a new nurse for every set of vitals. And it’s making me homesick.

Patrick hasn’t been himself all weekend. He had low-grade fevers and was more irritable than normal. Finally, yesterday morning I gave in and called to request blood cultures. I was guessing that he had an ear infection or some other ordinary childhood illness.. But as it turns out, he’s got another infection.  Yesterday’s cultures grew a bacteria that so far is relatively similar to the one that caused his infection a month ago.

And so now we’re playing the waiting game. We won’t know until sometime tomorrow (or is it today?) whether or not the bacteria is the same. If it is, the question becomes why didn’t it go away before and what can be done now to get rid of it. In the meantime, they’re giving IV antibiotics that I’m hoping will help him feel better soon.

He’s really not acting all that sick. This is good news as it means that we can probably treat the infection more easily. It does mean he’s a little more stir crazy because he wants to be crawling and exploring like he can at home. A crib and a playmat are just don’t seem like enough surface area to him.

That it’s RSV season makes this a unique hospital stay. Because the Infant Unit is full with babies sick with RSV. We’re tucked away in a corner of the Children’s Surgical Unit. It’s quiet here… much more peaceful than the Infant Unit in respiratory season. We’re getting to know a whole new set of nurses which can be disorienting.. especially since they rarely get babies here. But Patrick easily wraps any nurse around his little finger, so we’ll have friends here soon, I’m sure.

I’m hoping that the day will bring enough information that we’ll be able to end the waiting period and move on to a treatment plan. When I know more, I’ll try to put it here on the blog.

On a different note – any of you out there reading this post who haven’t done so already – please visit the “Activities and Events” page. Click on “Five for February” and send the message on that page to 5 people who you think would donate or forward the message or both. We have been stuck just under the $5000 mark for some time now. We only need 8 people to give $5 and we’ll cross that threshhold.

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