A trip to the zoo

We took Patrick and his cousins (and their parents, and grandpa) to the zoo yesterday. The last time we were at the zoo, Patrick was far more interested in the enclosures than in the animals themselves.

This time, however, he started to take notice that there was something different there to see. In fact, in the giraffe house, he tried all he could to get me to hold him close enough to touch the giraffes. (This could be especially dangerous because one of Patrick’s favorite games is to bonk his head into things he likes).

As is often the case with Patrick, this zoo trip was a little more complicated than your average outing. Patrick’s temperature was a bit high yesterday, so I carried a thermometer around in my pocket to check it regularly.. With the children’s hospital less than 10 minutes from the zoo, we figured we’d see all we could, and then run quickly if he got into the danger zone.

On top of that, while putting Patrick into his stroller, I managed to snap the tubing for his lipids in half. Thankfully, the lipids are just his “cheeseburger”.. needed fats and calories, but optional enough that we could wait till we got home to fix it.

Thankfully, the fever hasn’t evolved into worse and the lipids were restored without incident. I’m sure Brian’s brother thinks that we always have this kind of complications whenever we go anywhere. And, I’ll admit, it happens more often to us that I’d like. But as frustrating as it may sometimes be, it really is worth all the extra work it takes to do these family things when we can.

I am thrilled that Patrick was able to enjoy the zoo. And that he picked my favorite zoo animal to try to pet.

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