We love making the doctors happy

Patrick had a couple of doctor’s appointments this week and this month the doctors were all smiles! After such a hard summer, everyone is happy to see him doing so well.

Patrick has actually been gaining weight.. He’s at 85% of the recommended weight for his height right now, and for the first time rising ahead of the curve. Today, with his clothes on, Patrick weighed 18 pounds.

In even better news, his liver tests looked good! His bilirubin (the measure of bile in his bloodstream) was in the normal range and his liver enzymes, although they show that his liver is still inflammed and unhappy, have been trending downward. His liver even “felt” normal on exam.

All of his other tests were normal! This is SPECTACULAR, as it is so hard to keep him stable for any length of time.

Today, I took him to be evaluated by the rehabiliational medicine department at Primary Children’s. The goal was to see if any physical or occupational therapy can help him to make up some of the developmental delays that came from this long illness this summer and from his delicate health in general. (We’ll be starting physical and speech therapy soon, in addition to his developmental theraphy).

At the end of the appointment, one of the hospital’s residents came in to visit. She took care of Patrick while she was on the GI service 3 months ago.. when he was still so sick and fragile. Now she was doing a rotation in PT. And she was THRILLED to see him! She held him and played with him and just couldn’t stop talking about how much he’d improved since she’d last seen him. She just kept saying, “he looks like a healthy baby!”

In the end, Patrick left with gifts of a new ball and blanket and a big hug and kiss on the head.

We are so proud of our little man and how well he’s doing, especially after all he’s had to fight through. (Just hearing his history today, the doctor said she came in expecting to find a vegetable, and instead found a happy, playful little boy).  We’re praying to be able to keep posting glowing reports like this one.

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