Festival of Trees

The Festival of Trees is a big Christmas tradition here in Utah. Groups and individuals decorate and donate trees, wreaths, crafts and more. They’re displayed to the public for a week, and available for sale. All proceeds from sales, admissions, and goodies sold are donated back to Primary Children’s Hospital to help families in need.

We took Patrick to the Festival tonight. He wasn’t so sure about the crowds and was only vaguely interested in the trees. He did really like the chains used to protect the trees and the excuse to ride with Daddy and pull Mommy’s hair. At the end of the evening, we took him to meet Santa, which was a pretty good 1st Santa experience. Patrick loved his beard and sleigh bells.

This year’s Festival was a bit bittersweet for Brian and myself. There were a couple of trees there honoring friends’ children who passed on this year. Those brought tears to our eyes. It meant all the more to know first-hand the tender moments that happen in a children’s hospital. Just one way that Patrick has changed our lives and hearts for the better.

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