When it rains, it pours

Someday I’ll figure out why Patrick’s hospitalizations tend to concide with 1)holidays and vacations or 2)periods of stress for me.

If you don’t know, Patrick was hospitalized last week because of another bacterial infection in his bloodstream. The good news is that it quickly responded to antibiotics, quickly grew so it could be identified and more accurately treated, and therefore he quickly was back to himself. This infection was a reminder of how Patrick gradually is becoming more fragile the longer he waits for transplant, though. His spleen wasn’t very happy with this particular infection – just one side effect of residual liver damage.. and it started to cause his blood counts to fall. So even though the infection was caught and treated very early, we still had to keep a very close eye on him for a couple of days.

We took him home on Wednesday and he’s been doing pretty well since. That gave me a few days to really work hard on catching up on some impending deadlines and to deal with some unexpected problems.

Brian was complaining about the car not accelerating the way it normally does the day we brought Patrick home. He made an appointment to take it to the mechanic this week. That appointment is for tomorrow morning. Sunday morning, instead of making it’s usual complaining noises, though, it started to spew clouds of white smoke so think that I can’t see the car behind me.

Brian had business meetings in L.A. today, though, and I didn’t dare be without a car that Patrick’s carseat fit into. So we agreed to take his truck for a tune-up yesterday so that it would be in good condition should the car be gone for a while.

Well, an hour before I left to pick up the truck today, Patrick woke up from a nap fussy and feeling warm. The thermometer read 100.2, which is not technically a fever.. but added to the fact that today was the last day of his antibiotics and the fact that he’s been fussy since 4 a.m. I made a call to his GI to see if they wanted to test to make sure the infection wasnt recurring.

In the end, his doctor recommended that he come back to the hospital for observation. So – here we are. They’ve drawn blood cultures and done a test for respiratory bugs as well. And we’re hanging out here waiting to see what they find. Meanwhile, my car is sitting outside the mechanic so they can start work on it first thing in the morning. I’ll be surprised if the repairs for this come in under $1000. And my deadlines will just have to wait for a little while.

One thing about it, though.. if we were at home, I’d be up all night monitoring Patrick’s temperature and the other vital signs I know how to check. Here, the nurses will do that and Patrick and I can hopefully get some rest.  And hopefully by morning Patrick will be well and ready to go home, my car will be diagnosed and on it’s road to recovery, and I can get back to simpler things like following Patrick around moving his backpack so he can work on his crawling skills and teaching him to eat vegetables.

Home again

I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know that Patrick and I made it home safely Saturday evening. The flight was a bit late and very full, but overall the trip went very smoothly. Patrick and I even got the opportunity to ride home next to a very kind woman. She and her husband are considering adopting and I got to spend the whole flight talking up adoption, especially special needs adoption. Patrick liked her, too, and even spent some time playing and cuddling with her during the flight.

We’re all pretty tired. Patrick and I both still have pretty bad coughs. Fortunately, Brian’s healthy.. but has been struggling to make up for the time he took off at work. On top of that, they scheduled a power outage last night. He ended up spending the whole night working to get servers back online.

On a different, and happy note, Brian and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday. With all that we’ve been through this week, it was a pretty simple celebration. My parents took Patrick for a couple of hours and we went to dinner and our first movie in well over a year.

It’s funny how life changes change perspective. Our anniversary was very low-key, yet I found myself overflowingly grateful to have the kind of marriage that doesn’t need a lot of frills to be happy. I love my husband more today than the day I married him.