Transplant day 35 and no news is good news


This is going to be kind of a nothing post, because pretty much nothing happened today. I got up as soon as Patrick woke up and told the nurse I needed to run back to the Ronald McDonald House. I had a shipment of diapering supplies there and needed to pick up Patrick’s medications from there so I could be trained on them. I did my best to finish all the work in record time but, alas, I was 5 minutes late getting back for rounds.

I’ve been beating myself up about this all day because the adjustments they made today are just so mediocre that it’s hard to feel like we are going to gain any forward momentum anytime soon. Patrick is back to full feeds. Today, they added giving enteral replacement fluid back into the mix. (I asked them to do this yesterday, but they didn’t think he’d need it because his outputs had been lower. This is the problem with a rotating team. They have to try everything new.)

And otherwise, things have just been quiet today. We did some crafts and played with toys. I drove to the west suburbs to buy a little kid’s desk I found on craigslist. My goal today was to get back to Patrick moving freely about the room to play. He stumbles a little over the IV pole, but overall has done quite well.

Patrick and Captain Fred

We went down to pet therapy. I was going to skip it because it was naptime and because he seems pretty hesitant to interact with the dogs. (And because it’s in one of the highest traffic areas of the hospital so I’m nervous about germs.) But alas, child life popped in to invite him while I was out of the room and his heart was set when I got back. He was pretty uncertain at first, but we found one of the dogs who would shake and sit up to the side of Patrick’s wagon, and he warmed up to the idea a little.

I’m afraid this is what posts are going to look like for the next little while and I wonder if I’m going to be boring you with them. The attending surgeon this week seems to be pretty conservative and hasn’t even mentioned the possibility of discharge.. However, other than making sure that medication doses don’t need adjustment, right now, Patrick is doing pretty darn well. He’s come a long way in the past week and even in the past 4 weeks.


We’re coming into the weekend, though, so child life adventures are over and volunteers are more sparse and other than having to do some laundry and grocery shopping to get us through the weekend, there isn’t much to be done here.

I am stir crazy, can you tell?

So let’s relive some of yesterday’s fun. I said that no video had been posted from yesterday’s news stories. But two came online today. I still can’t believe I let them put me on TV in this state.

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