Transplant Day 32 and slow and steady

Well, today I have very little to report. It was a very quiet day. Patrick’s pain is a little better, and so his breathing is, too. He only needed oxygen for a little while after we got him really mad getting up in the morning. His nurse wanted to take the cannula (tube) off his nose tonight, but we told him to wait till after bath in the morning.

The doctors restarted feeds and started to decrease the TPN again. So far, so good. We’ll see what the chest x-ray shows in the morning. So far, though, things are moving in the right direction.

We know he’s still hurting some. It’s hard to find the balance, though, to know how much he needs medicine. He does NOT want to walk. I was trying to get him to walk around the room earlier today and he decided to just stand on one foot so I couldn’t make him take the next stop. Not sure if that’s because of pain or because of a fear of coughing or just fear in general. Brian pushed and pushed to get him up and once he forgot to be miserable, Patrick actually walked quite well to the nurse’s station. But then he tried to refuse to come back. This is one area where Daddy will be sorely missed when he goes home.

Patrick got to play with a couple of his favorite volunteers. His homebound teacher came for his “first day” of homeschool. Patrick was overtired by then because his sleep schedule is all off right now, but it went ok.

Meanwhile, I started working on trying to figure out how to do Christmas here. It feels like all of our Christmas traditions are packed away or will go on without us in Utah. We don’t really have space or time for too much here. I hesitate to decorate because I don’t know where Patrick will spend his time. But I didn’t want to do nothing all month. So today, I put together a makeshift, simplified Truth in the Tinsel countdown to Christmas. The idea is to introduce the Christmas story with a topic a day. Each day has a word, a scripture, and a craft to make an ornament. Eventually, you end up with 24 homemade ornaments. I thought this might be a fun way to work towards decorating our own little miniature Christmas tree.

Today’s word was light. We read Isaiah’s prophesy of Christ’s birth and talked about how Christ is the light of the world. Then we made a candle ornament.

It was kind of nice to have time for a little project today, even if it was accomplished because I planned it while volunteers were playing with Patrick and shopped while he and his dad were napping.

Tonight, I’m spending the night at the Ronald McDonald House. Brian wanted me to have a night away before he flies home tomorrow. Plus, it means a little extra time for the two of them together. Tomorrow, things are going to be different for all of us.

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