The “McDonald’s” House

Making this a quick little update. We got a call yesterday morning to preregister Patrick for a procedure scheduled for Friday morning. Check in at 5:30 a.m. I spent most of the afternoon trying to confirm that we knew all that we were scheduled for, and then booked a last minute flight from Utah to Nebraska.

We made a mad cleaning/packing scramble last night and this morning. Patrick went to his second day of preschool, then we picked him up early and went straight to the airport.

The flight was uneventful, despite having to carry so much IV fluid that it filled an entire carry on bag. (Had to bring TPN and the substitute fluid, too.)

We arrived at the Ronald McDonald House a little before 6 p.m. When Patrick heard where we were going he tried to put in his favorite order, a powerade and fries. There was none of that here, but we were here just on time to get dinner brought in by one of the local hotels. Patrick was excited about the yummy roast potatoes and actually ate dinner for the first time in several days.

Then, we let Patrick play in the toyroom while Brian brought in our luggage.

What a refreshing change staying here is! Instead of a hotel where everything is overwhelming and nothing is kid-friendly, we find ourselves nestled into a very homey little environment where I already know some of the other families from our support group and everything is designed to make kids and their families feel at ease.

I just set an alarm for 4:40 a.m. so we can be up and on time for check-in. Hoping to be posting some good news by tomorrow afternoon.

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