Cabin fever

Tonight, Patrick was bouncing off the walls so much that I grabbed Brian’s church keys, walked with him to the church in the dark, and let him run in the gym until he was so tired he was begging to go back home.


We are going a little nuts being at home. Yesterday we went to the zoo. I knew something was up when, as we were unloading the car, a steady flow of mommies pushing strollers was passing us. Turns out it was free day at the zoo. I’m not a big fan of free day. It means that there are a lot more people there. And most of them don’t make it to the zoo very often and so they tend to be more lost. And, they are so caught up in the magic of the moment that they tend to stop when they see something interesting.. Just stop right wherever they are.

Massive crowds of easily distracted people can be scary when you have a toddler with tubes. No one expects IV lines on a 4 year old. And so it’s an extra workout to stay close enough to him to make sure they never get stretched in front of someone.


Yesterday was a madhouse of strollers. They jammed up all the entrances and pathways. And yet, because we were so stir crazy, we stayed. We pushed our way through the crowds and Patrick ate up the company of masses of toddlers all around us.

And he spent the rest of the day talking about the “go-la-las” (gorillas) and  “ollers” (otters). We rode the carousel, twice. And he ran. And we laughed. And things felt normal for a while.


And then, we took Daddy lunch at work where Brian’s co-workers proved definitively how spoiled Patrick is.

And I think that’s how today ended up so stir crazy. We finally got to move and so trying to be still again today was just too much.

I took Patrick to see his pediatrician today. The team at UNMC is concerned that Patrick has been sick so long and asked us to have some viral panels done to try to identify the bug.


The good news it that the spots finally disappeared from Patrick’s throat this morning. And so his doctor says that he can go to church and then back to school on Monday. And the assortment of test we did today will hopefully tell us exactly what we’re up against and if it will cause problems that might mean we need to leave his transplant listing on hold. Hopefully by Saturday at the latest.

But it is sad that I can say that the highlight of my day was collecting a stool sample from Patrick before leaving the doctor’s office today. Well, that and the doctor allowing me to draw the blood sample off of Patrick’s line myself to save us a trip up to the hospital or a needle stick.

Still, it’s a little nice for things to be slow for a while. And nicer still to know that we have been granted our freedom.

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