Snow days


After seeing how much playing outside helped Patrick this year, I resolved to do better about letting him play in the snow this winter. We bought him some snow pants and some awesome snow boots that give his ankles enough support to not require a brace, even in the cold. And we topped it all off with an awesome own hat.


Mix it all together. Add one creative daddy willing to move all the snow from the front yard into one pile and make a snow slide. And you have some winter fun.

Or add some hungry missionaries willing to call playing in the snow with a toddler a service project while they wait for dinner. That works, too.

But I failed Patrick. I didn’t buy him waterproof gloves yet. And therefore, he’s not willing to touch the snow. Even if you put him in it like an overturned turtle.


And so Patrick prefers to play in the snow a little more like this…


Next to, but not in it.

Which seems a shame in a year with record snowfall.

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