First day in his first class

A week ago, Early Intervention called to say that after months of waiting, they had an opening for Patrick in their structured play class.

And so, this Monday, as the other kids in our area went back to school, Patrick went to his first class by himself, too.

Structured play is like a preschool preparation class. The teachers work one on one during the class. They guide the kids through a variety of activities from playing on stairs and slides and trampolines to singing songs to snack time. There’s a board in the room with little pictures representing each activity. Every 6 minutes or so, they ring a bell and the kids switch activities.

For Patrick, the idea is to create an environment where he can learn how to follow instructions and participate in a class. It lets him make friends and learn in a safe environment.

As for me, well, because this is his first classroom experience and because IV’s are not standard equipment, I sit in the lobby outside the class and watch through a two-way mirror. I’m not required to be there, but everyone feels a little bit safer that way.

This is a really great way for me to see what preschool might be like for him, as we’ll soon start talking to the school district about whether or not Patrick should go to preschool when he turns 3.

And so far, other than the fact that it means moving naptime, Patrick is really loving his new class.

I’m an awfully proud momma sitting and watching him through the glass. I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing up!

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