One of those days

You know the kind of day where you went to bed not feeling wonderful and ended up spending half the night up sick, and so did your husband, so neither of you really got any rest so that by morning you were exhausted and dehydrated, and you really should have stayed in bed,

except that you have this toddler who wakes up at seven and yells “Mamma, Dadda” until one of you comes and gets him, and then he needs a bath and he needs dressed and he needs medications, but at least he’s cute about the medications and pretends to give them to you by putting a syringe to your belly, and when that’s done you really should go back to bed,

except that you’re being audited because you had the audacity to claim a special needs adoption tax credit for the special needs child you adopted, and you have to go meet with your accountant about it, and you can’t reschedule because you already rescheduled two weeks ago when your son was admitted to the hospital with a fever of 103 and now you’re running out of time to respond to the audit notice, so you spend your morning scanning adoption documents and medical documents to take with you, only in the end you can’t get the printer to the work and have to take your originals with you anyway, but at least the accountant is positive about it and the meeting only lasts half an hour, and then you come home and you really should go to bed,

and this time you do, even though your husband can’t because he has a meeting he can’t miss, but you kiss him goodbye and go to bed and thankfully your son decides to take a good long nap, and you wake feeling well rested and actually manage to eat something, and still get the afternoon TPN ready, even though it takes you three times as long and even though your son empties every forbidden drawer and scatters all kinds of things around the house for you to clean up and put away and spills your ginger ale on your desk, but in the end you get it all done anyway and save the stuff on your desk from damage and only wish just a little bit that you could go back to bed

but instead you plan a simple dinner for you and your husband once he gets back from work because he’s rested less and eaten less than you, except that only 2 minutes before dinner is supposed to be done cooking, the infusion pharmacy delivery arrives with the TPN that they forgot to deliver with the order that came earlier in the day, and you think you turned the burner off, only you didn’t, and you don’t catch on to it till dinner is black and smoldering in the pan,

but at least you happen to have another box of pasta roni, and at least it only takes 10 minutes to cook, so you make dinner again, and you have dinner and your son scarfs down a quarter of a tortilla, and when you’re done you sit down at your computer and you blog about it while you wait for it to be time to go to bed?

It’s been one of those days.

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