Springtime and bikes

Springtime has opened up a world of new possiblities for our family.

Now that he can walk, Patrick loves playing outside. This is new. Because he hates the feel of grass on hands or feet, Patrick has never been much of a fan of playing outside, and that translated in general to not wanting to be outside.

But now that he can walk, he loves it. He loves taking walks with his wagon, or exploring every inch of the car (and begging for us to push the button to make it “beep”). He likes exploring this new world and sometimes just standing in the front yard watching the people and cars go by.

For once this spring, Patrick is strong and healthy and brave.


So, when Brian suggested that we take a little of our tax return money and buy a bike trailer so that we could take Patrick for rides, I was thrilled. So, last Saturday, we went to the bike shop. Brian had done lots of research online, but we wanted to put Patrick in one to make sure he wasn’t scared of them.

No – he wasn’t scared. He thought it was a lot of fun to be wheeled around the store.

An hour later, we were proud owners of a new bike trailer.. and helmets for the whole family. (I decided that I should probably have Patrick wear a helmet, and if he had to have them, we should, too.)

Brian did some tune-ups on our bikes. They’ve been sitting in our garage for nearly 3 years now. Then he put the trailer hitch on his bike and we settled Patrick in.


Patrick was excited about the bikes, and the trailer, but not the helmet. Which is why the pictures I took show him glaring at me.

But he loved the ride. I’d ride up alongside him and he’d smile and wave and tell me what he saw. He’d laugh when they hit small bumps, (but wasn’t so sure about the big bumps.)

Since then, he’s gotten to go for bike rides at least every other day. Sometimes Brian will take him while I cook dinner. Sometimes, we’ll all go as a family. We got a second trailer hitch for my bike a couple days ago, and I got my first turn pulling him yesterday.


It’s a lot of fun, though strange to do something so very normal and suburban. I’ll admit, Brian and I are both feeling a bit out of shape. Exercise has been a foreign concept for the past couple of years.

But this is the new world of Patrick healthy and walking. I even got to garden this week.

We like springtime.


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