I’ve been sharing Patrick’s story with strangers again. I can’t help it. It’s one of those stories that just wants to be shared. And besides, when I revisit those first months with him, when I can take those miracles out of my little box of memories and turn them over in my mind and run my fingers along them, it helps me to have more faith and more patience with the more hum drum challenges of day-to-day life caring for a medically fragile child. And the bigger battles, too.


It started with an e-mail stating that LDS Family Services was looking for volunteers to do adoption outreach presentations in my church congregation. How could I say no to the chance to share our adoption story with these supporters and friends? To brag publicly about how much we love Patrick’s first family? And to talk about the amazing free services offered to those who find themselves, a friend, or a family member pregnant and unprepared? (The gist of the message can be found at

Our story what shared again today with another audience. I was given the opportunity to write a guest blog for a site called Kidz. ( This site is devoted to providing hope, support, and encouragement to families of children with all kinds of diagnoses. Children who are just a little bit different, and just a little bit wonderful. Kidz.

Writing for that audience made me really stop and think. Unlike most, this group knows what it’s like to face frightening news from doctors. They know what it’s like to wish everything for your child, yet know there are things you can never give them.

Writing for them made me stop and think what I have learned and how I survived and how my life has changed for the better since Patrick entered it. It’s harder, but it’s better.

So, if you’d like a walk down memory lane, take a pop over to and reread an old and familiar story.

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