Christmas cards

On Christmas Eve, Patrick received a very big envelope with his name on in in big, bold marker.

Inside were handmade Christmas cards from the Pleasant Grove LDS Seminary. The letter said they were intended to bring a smile to Patrick and his family this Christmas.


Reading them together, definitely brought a smile. Here are just a few favorites. Some were artistic. Others used words.

One wrote “For Christmas I just want [you] to know I’ll give you my hope and prayers”.


Another: “I know you can’t read this (unless you’re really smart), but I thought your parents could read it to you. I just wanted to let you know that someone was thinking of you.”


And another: “Once upon a time there was a knight named PATRICK. He was the coolest, strongest and bravest knight in all the land. One day and Evin Night Dragon came to destroy the land. Patrick battled the dragon for a long time. He finally defeated the dragon. Everyone loved Patrick. He was a hero.”

The cards definitely brought smiles to all of us. Even Patrick, who loved the pictures, especially the card with the Mater stickers. He’d have eaten them all, had we let them.

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