My little social butterfly

In Patrick’s last developmental evaluation by Early Intervention there were a lot of areas where his scores were low. His motor skills are several months behind. Obviously, anything to do with eating is delayed. However, there was one area where Patrick is far ahead. Social.

Here’s an example. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. As usual on a Friday night, the place was packed. On the way in, Patrick spotted one of his favorite things in the world – a man with a bald head. I think he’s drawn to men who are balding because he loves his grandpas so much. Anyway, before I could dodge, he’d reached over and patted the man on his head.

The kind man turned with a smile and said “It’s ok. I’m a grandpa. I like kids.” In fact, he was holding a little boy who we learned was 11 months old.

Well, Patrick was just thrilled to have found a kind man to visit with. So much so, that he climbed right down off of my shoulders and into the man’s free arm. He held hands with the little boy for a bit, then pulled him in to snuggle a bit. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen! Before long, he’d wrapped their whole party of 10 or so completely around his little finger.

This is a pretty normal occurance for us. Patrick practically begs to be held by most any kind stranger he meets. He makes friends with every person behind us in line. And a “Hi” at the top of his lungs is an every day experience.

It’s so much fun having a friendly kid.

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