A belated Christmas entry – including video


Well, it’s rather late, but I had to post a bit about Patrick’s Christmas.

This is the first Christmas season we’ve had to spend at home. Patrick came home last year on December 9th, so he was home for Christmas – but he was too young and we were too overwhelmed to count it as much.

This year, Patrick totally got that something was going on with Christmas! The tree intrigued him, though he didn’t start to undecorate it until after the holiday. He did love everything to do with presents and wrapping paper, though. In fact, the rolls of wrapping paper were motivation for him to finally really learn to roll over. He mastered tearing paper just on time to open a few presents with coaxing, as the video shows.

Christmas Eve we had a late breakfast with my brothers and sisters. Patrick wanted to explore, but his tubes kept getting in the way, so he stayed sitting with grandma, aunts and uncles most of the time.

We spent Christmas morning at home. Patrick was a bit overwhelmed by all the new toys, but happy nonetheless. Then we went and visited with each of our families. He was a bit tired by the end of the day, but did just eat up the time with people he loves.

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