Thanks to all who helped with Produce for Patrick

Last Saturday, friends, neighbors and family put together a produce stand in Patrick’s behalf.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all those who helped to make this event a HUGE success. Over $500 was raised in that day as generous people came to buy the fruits and veggies that had been donated. There was an amazing outpouring of generosity from loved ones and strangers alike in donations from 25 cents for a cup of lemonade to far more than the value of the fruits and veggies taken home.

Thanks to Tifanie who had this idea and spent countless hours talking to neighbors and picking fruits and veggies to make this stand a reality. Thanks to Kari, Amber, Jill, and others who gave time to help in gathering the donated harvest. Thanks especially to those who offered the surplus from their gardens and fruit trees.

Thanks to my friends and family who helped in the planning, setup, and manning of the stand, especially to Mom and Jill who’ve put so much work into pulling together our COTA campaign.

Thanks to Chris and Bella and the other kids who helped with the lemonade stand and tenaciously tried to sell a cup to anyone and everyone who arrived at the stand.

And finally thanks to those people who came out of their way to buy from our stand and to strangers who saw it driving by and stopped. We wondered going into this if anyone would stop and buy fruit from a stand that was only there for a day. We were overwhelmed by the response.

I’m hoping that some of the people who were there will share their experiences here on this blog. It was definitely a day to be remembered.

This little stand gave us hope and got us excited for what the days ahead. I can’t wait to see what other little miracles are in store.

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