Well enough to leave the PICU

About 2 hours ago, Patrick was transferred out of the PICU into the infant unit. He’s doing SO well! We’re just past 48 hours post-op and he is already awake and playing most of the day.

He’s got so much energy in fact, that he needs reminded that he can go to sleep. The poor thing is used to being rocked to sleep, but it hurts too much to move him to get him out of bed right now. So I end up putting down the siderails and snuggling my cheek up to his till he falls asleep.

They turned off his morphine drip and he’s getting by on a dose every few hours instead. The funny thing is that right now what helps best to calm him down when he is crying because something’s happened to cause him pain is if I pretend to make a beanie baby bull named Snort that was given to him yesterday talk. I don’t know if it’s the bull or my funny bull voice, but it usually is enough to at least settle him a bit until the pain eases.

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