Thank You

Before I say anything else in this blog, I need to begin by saying THANK YOU! Since we made the decision to adopt Patrick we have been overwhelmed by the show of generosity and support from everyone we know – and many we don’t. We’ve been the recipients of countless kindnesses and gifts including clothes, toys, blankets, and help with other baby needs for Patrick, help with meals, household chores, yardwork, and even completely redoing a room to be a nursery. You’ve been the listening ears, the helping hands, the friendly smiles, and the shoulders to cry on as we’ve gone through all this journey has taken us through over the past several months.

Some of the kind gestures are small things you may not remember and others have come at great personal sacrifice.

Raising Patrick, helping him grow in both body and spirit, making whatever time he has on this earth the very best it can be, and giving him every opportunity to live as long as he can… is the type of endeavor that requires an army of willing volunteers… and we are grateful to all of you who have joined in that effort. You have lightened our load. And you have bettered his life.

Amazingly, with all you do, I’m always being asked what more you can do.

So, for those of you who want something else… we are working now to raise money to cover expenses above and beyond what our insurance and savings can provide. On this website, you’ll find ideas or ways you can help – whether with a monetary donation or a few minutes of your time. My mom is our campaign coordinator and she can also help to point you in the right direction.

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